Our Story

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee, and now you can taste our finest speciality Arabica coffee bean sourced from Coorg, a tiny district tucked away into the steep slopes and deep valleys in the South Indian State of Karnataka, a place highly regarded as one of the most favored biological hotspots in the world. when I immigrated to the U.S, I found that coffee was being sourced from Africa, South America and Indonesia, and as I travelled across the country and drank coffee from places I stopped and visited, I would see coffee from all these places but not India, hence the idea to source speciality coffee from Coorg, India.  With very humble beginnings working from my loft, roasting coffee locally and catering to cafe’s and individual roasters, our brand has grown and today we have our presence in over X locations, with retailers such as … and many more.

Our Philosophy

” To provide all our customers with a very unique experience, by offering one of nature’s most precious gifts – Coffee”


Our Values

  • Customer Focus – Providing our customers with the finest of coffee with an uncompromising quality.
  • Environmentally Conscious – Being aware and working with our supply chain to reduce the long term impacts on the environment.
  • Collaborate – To build relationships and work coherently with our partners.
  • Transparent – Being transparent in all our business activities.
  • Accountability – Taking responsibility for our actions that eventually build trust amongst our customers.
  • Ethical – Adherence to ethical principles within and outside the organization.

Ethical Sourcing

Your Coffee is ethically sourced, a large amount of labor is involved in a sustainable coffee forest. Every stage of plantation work is handled by adult workers familiar with the way things are done in a coffee plantation. So, Coorg coffee forests are a strong source of reliable employment for local, as well as migrant daily wage laborers coming in from various places across the country. Compensation takes the form of daily wages, contract payments or payment per weight of coffee picked every day.