Green Coffee Beans...

Your coffee bean begins its journey with the Spring rains in February-March, which help the coffee tree spring forth its stunning white blossoms, perfuming the air with its inimitable fragrance. If the rains do not come in as expected, the plantations are artificially irrigated through a sprinkler system.

Around November-December, the ripe berries are completely handpicked, sparing the trees the ignominy of being shaken ruthlessly by harvesting machines to divest them of their produce. ‘Selective picking’ of perfectly ripe berries is done by those who plan to wet process their coffee and ‘outright picking’ is done when the plan is to sun-dry the coffee berries and then de-husk them.

Once the raw green coffee beans are extracted from their husks, it is roasted to bring out the aromas and flavor. If you prefer a milder flavor but higher caffeine content, a light roast is the way to go. But, if your passion is for strong flavored coffee with its aromatic essential oils wafting in the air, and a lower amount of caffeine, a dark roast is your best friend. However, the final product can be prepared according to your preference.