We are REBRANDING and will be with you soon, while we work on launching a whole new selection of coffee's.

Our Story

Our Story

Coorg Coffee is an Indo-American coffee company founded in 2017. In the winter of 2016, I travelled across the country and stopped at numerous towns and cities and looked for some Indian coffee, only to find none, and realized that Indian coffee is under represented in the United States. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share this experience with all of our coffee lovers by providing the very best of our Single-Origin Arabica coffee Bean sourced directly from Coorg, India, though our our community of farms – who we call partners.  With humble beginnings and a lot of planning, sourcing, designing, pricing and more, we were able to launch our products and brand to the world, while celebrating with a small group of family, friends and everyone in between. Our launch was the prefect time to display our collection of products and share our story.  Each product is created and sourced with the finest quality of arabica bean; Our coffee is graded by CQI (coffee Quality Institute) in NY and graded an exceptional rating, it is 'cupped' and 'graded' frequently to make sure the quality of the beans you get is of the utmost quality. We pride ourselves with a unique roast profile to bring out the best aroma and flavors, hence our roast is consistent to our profiles. Our coffee is freshly roasted and packed in Massachusetts.

We launched our products online and participated in a number of events to solicit feedback from participants. From the get-go our coffee was well received by our customers and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback.  As a result we have a presence in a significant number of cafe's, family owned retail chains, individual roasters and stores.  
We at Coorg Coffee believe in quality, care and a unique product, for everyone to enjoy a great cup of coffee. 

Our Mission

To provide all our customers with a unique experience, by offering our finest and one of nature’s most precious gifts – Coffee


Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction – To deliver value added services to our customers with our finest products and an uncompromising quality.
  • Environmentally Conscious – Being environmentally mindful and continually working with our supply chain to reduce the long-term impacts on the environment.
  • Transparency – Promote transparency across all levels in our business activities.
  • Accountability – Display qualities of honesty, integrity, accountability and being responsible for our actions that build trust amongst our stakeholders.
  • Collaborate – We believe in the inherent value of working coherently with our partners, by sharing know-hows and producing great products. 

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical SourcingYour Coffee bean is ethically sourced, and a large amount of labor is involved in a sustainable coffee estate. Every stage of the plantation work is handled by adult workers familiar with the way things are done in a coffee plantation. So, Coorg coffee estates are a strong source of reliable employment for the locals, as well as migrant daily wage laborers coming in from various parts of the country.