We are REBRANDING and will be with you soon, while we work on launching a whole new selection of coffee's.

Bought some whole bean at the Big E, ground at home then brewed with a Kuerig reusable filter.  It is delicious.  Deep flavor, a little sweetness.  I almost always add cream and sugar to my coffee but that seems like too much for this brew.  I took to just drinking it black, it's that good.
- Jay B

This coffee is perhaps the best coffee I’ve ever had! Bought it on a whim at the Big E this past September and very pleasantly surprised! Very smooth and dark with no bitterness to speak of. Highly highly recommend!!
- Jason Antaya

We tried this coffee because we had never really seen any Indian coffee and were curious. I am so glad we tried it, it's my favorite! So smooth and rich. LOVE it!
- Blanca

Extremely smooth yet robust. Clean on the palate without a heavy after taste which sometimes occurs with a dark roast.  Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!
- Sis Kim

I was finally able to try the dark roast you sold me at the big E last week at work today. I can tell you that without a doubt this is my favorite coffee already! The strong body complemented by the subtle sweet notes of cherry is absolutely brilliant. I don’t know if you recall our conversation. I work at S******** and I am an avid coffee drinker who loves to try new kinds of coffee. S******** has no coffee that they sell that really comes close to the quality of these beans. Many of my coworkers have tried it and loved it as well. I wish you all the luck with this new business and let me know if there is any way I can help you grow the popularity of this coffee.

- Dan 

My wife and I met you at the Big E yesterday and bought some coffee beans which I had a cup of this morning. Very good.
- Alex

Hi, I recently bought a bag of Coorg at The Big E and have thoroughly enjoyed it!! You guys have a superb product!!
- Andrew

Great product!

- Joe

 I bought a bag of your medium roast at the big e. It is excellent! Smooth, rich, low acid. I just reordered and am trying your light roast as well. I never thought of India as a coffee source. Thanks for introducing me to this excellent coffee!

- Aaron

! You have "hooked" my fiancé on your coffee.  She loves it.  Let me know if I
 can grab a bag.  I can leave a check at the office. 
PS I like it too, but I have to stick to decaf.   
- Edge

I am a big fan of your product!
- Bobby

I was away last weekend so I didn't get to try your coffee until Monday morning.  It is delicious (and I don't think that I have ever used that word to describe coffee.)  It is so smooth, not a hint of bitterness, and yet full of flavor.  I don't have the palate to tell you that I taste the dark chocolate hints, etc., but I can tell you that it is different from all the locally roasted coffees I have been drinking for the past few years.  Your words of silky and lingering describe the coffee perfectly.  You definitely have another customer in me!
- Joyce